I am thankful for the opportunity to share my story and appreciate so many kind words …

I am blessed.

Sycamore Crossroads Community Church

I received this wonderful thank you email from the Sycamore Crossroads Community Church.

“Hello Sycamore Campus,

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because it’s a reminder that we have a country that welcomes people who are facing religious persecution and built religious freedom into its founding documents. It’s a reminder of all the blessings we have in Jesus. We have eternal life along with a lot of icing on the cake!

Cultivating a grateful heart glorifies God, helps us see God, and puts us squarely in God’s will. Gratitude brings us peace, contentment, joy, draws us to God, helps us live in the moment and deepens our faith. During this season of uncertainty I hope we can put into practice Philippians 4:6-7, “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus”.

In a spirit of gratitude I want to thank all of you at our Sycamore Campus who gave of their time, talent, and treasure to make sure 11 families had a great Thanksgiving meal. We had some extras placed in the Thanksgiving baskets—a book and flowers donated by the author herself, Joan Aubele; the Fontana’s of DeKalb donated Turkeys, and the Sunday Seconds Warehouse helped as
well. Meijer’s donated gift cards for each basket as well as donations from many individuals from our congregation.

All and all, Feed Our Neighbors was a great success and we were able to give the excess food we collected to a local food bank.
I hope you have an awesome Thanksgiving with your friends and family!


Pastor Dan Callahan

Sycamore Community Church

Sandwich Pubic Library

“Joan Aubele is as inspiring as they come. Her autobiographical presentation covers some of the most difficult situations life can throw at one, and yet her story is a miracle usually discovered only within the pages of story books. Aubele’s rare diagnosis and even rarer recovery transcends previous belief and understanding. In turn, her story fuels the spark of life and hope we hold in all of our hearts. At the beginning of this presentation, you may be harboring a heavy heart, but you will leave feeling weightless. If you have the opportunity to hear Joan Aubele’s story, you should do your best to attend. You may wind up pleasantly surprised to find that it was something you did not even know you needed.”

Barb Posinger, MLIS

Reference & RA Librarian

Sandwich Public Library District

925 S. Main St. Sandwich, IL 60548

St. Paul Catholic Church

“I finished your book last night and was truly touched by your story. You and your husband and family have sure been through a lot. It was our pleasure to have you come and speak at our Christian Women meeting last week. Your story was so inspiring. It’s one thing to read a book and yet another to have the story told live and in person. You were very good about delivering your message and brought read along pages so that when you weren’t able to articulate the words well, we could follow along and not lose any of your extraordinary story. Your faith and love for your family really took center stage and it was so refreshing to hear about your belief in miracles that got you through your journey. Thank you again for coming to speak to our group.”

Nancy Lehnert-Cuny

St. Paul Catholic Church

340 W. Arnold Street

Sandwich, IL 60548

Rochelle Community Hospital

“Thank you for your presentation! It was spot on for our management team. You are an inspiration to so many people. We can do the same with the hospital purchasing the books for the attendees of the luncheon. I am so happy this has worked out for you to present to our management team and now the community!”


Rochelle Community Hospital

900 N. 2nd Street

Rochelle, IL 61068

Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Church


Thank you for coming to our Forever Young Luncheon and for your awe-inspiring story. You had everyone at full attention with how you got through your illness by the grace of God. It truly shows with your faith, mountains can move, and you pretty much proved that! I saw how you touched everyone in some way, either by personal experience or just by hearing your faith filled story.

Thank you for sharing!

Deanna Smith

Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Church

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