“Allow yourself to be an instrument in The Lord’s plan!  Open yourselves to Him and follow those gut feelings – it’s truly the Holy Spirit guiding you.”

– Joan Aubele

The story of love, faith and survival …


A twenty-nine year old mother of three has been given a death sentence by her doctor. Diagnosed with stage-four Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, she’s told to make her funeral arrangements and say goodbye to her family. She has always relied on her religious beliefs, but becomes the unsuspecting recipient of what can only be described as miracles … see more



To Joan’s pleasant surprise, her memoir, The Dance reaches Amazon’s Number One Hot New Release spot within four days of publication. Joan’s true and moving testimony of miracles and the power of prayer have created ripples as far as France, Egypt, South Africa, and Bangladesh.

Julie, her local librarian, amongst many others, urges Joan to write a follow-up book. “You need to share the effects of that best-selling book, and all its’ created.” And so, ladies and gentlemen, Hearts Ablaze – The Ripples We Create is born.

This compilation of short stories from pivotal life happenings that Joan has witnessed in her travels is sure to inspire. Hearts Ablaze truly demonstrates how God is forever placing people in our path to ultimately fulfill His master plan. As you immerse into each story, you’ll quickly realize that you are in fact already creating ripples.


I’m very grateful to this beautiful lady. She has been wanting to purchase both my books for quite some time. Today, Janice finally caught up with me at the Farmers Market!
May you be inspired to create your own God filled ripples.

Joan Aubele


Author and Inspirational Speaker

“My goal in life is to motivate others to live their life to the fullest, to appreciate everything around them, and to simply live for one another!”


Joan is an “Inspirational Author – Diocesan Approved Speaker”



Several years since the publication of The Dance – A Story of Love, Faith, and Survival, the author recreates her powerful and moving memories. Experience a delightful compilation of these short stories within.

As these inspirational tales unfold, you’ll discover without a shadow of a doubt, that we are all placed in one another’s path to fulfill a specific destiny. Witness that words and actions deeply impact one another, as we are always and forever creating ripples.”

Next Chapter Bookstore, New Bern, NC 



“Allow yourself to be an instrument in The Lord’s plan! Open yourselves to Him and follow those gut feelings – it’s truly the Holy Spirit guiding you.

“I firmly believe we are all purely conduits of His love and Mercy – and it’s up to us to do our part to fulfill this Holy objective. The Lord puts you in other’s lives to help them in their struggles, and likewise, He places certain people in yours.”

“Sometimes the disappointments we experience in life are simply Gods way of saying, “Have faith, trust in me, and move on. I have something even better in mind for you anyway.”


Amazon Reviews

Hearts Ablaze

God comes to us every time we breathe. What Joan has done can be done my many, but very few do, Joan is one of the few, she honors God, which leads us to Jesus. This is a beautiful book, written by a lamb of God.

Kevin Matthews

Amazon Review January 21, 2023 , Author / Radio Personality

Good read. Joan reminds us that God is with us and works with us in small ways with big outcomes. We never know who we touch when we reach out and share God’s love with one another

Jeane Hickey

Amazon Review January 23, 2023

This book is an inspirational book.

Joan is an amazing writer I’ve read her first book, The Dance numerous times and have anxiously been waiting for the release of Hearts Ablaze. I bought the book as soon as it became avail. This is a perfect book to read if you’re looking for inspiration in your life. Joan definitely inspires people I am going through some things in my life right now and reading this book has helped me cope and understand and just feel better and happier in my life, and realize I have the strength to move forward, because of the guidance and love I felt after reading Joan’s book. I highly recommend this book.

Pamela Dinter

Amazon Review November 22, 2022

~Event Testimonials~

Sandwich Public Library

“Joan Aubele is as inspiring as they come. Her autobiographical presentation covers some of the most difficult situations life can throw at one, and yet her story is a miracle usually discovered only within the pages of story books. Aubele’s rare diagnosis and even rarer recovery transcends previous belief and understanding. In turn, her story fuels the spark of life and hope we hold in all of our hearts. At the beginning of this presentation, you may be harboring a heavy heart, but you will leave feeling weightless. If you have the opportunity to hear Joan Aubele’s story, you should do your best to attend. You may wind up pleasantly surprised to find that it was something you did not even know you needed.”

Barb Posinger, MLIS
Reference & RA Librarian
Sandwich Public Library District
925 S. Main St. Sandwich, IL

~Book Reviews~

“Whew. I read this book in one evening. While it’s that’s compelling, I found myself needing a few breaks. I cried in some places and laughed in a few. It’s hard to imagine one person going through this number of struggles and obstacles that this author did. But with that said, it’s absolutely a display of faith and what’s possible when you hang onto whatever there is to grasp, even when it’s seemingly the last few bare threads. I highly recommend this book. I think sometimes we can get so stuck in our own heads that it’s important to realize what others are going through. Not to compare struggles, life is just hard. But to remember to be compassionate when maybe that’s not what’s being provided to you.”

C.L. Wells

“The most powerful story on faith I ever read.”

I read this book in a day I could not put it down. It was so inspiring I felt like I knew Joan and Carl by the way it was written. I love the transparency of everything. This gives people such a clear vision of truly miracles do happen, and Faith and support and positive attitude help the process. No matter the challenge we face it’s all about Faith Love and survival ♥️

Debi Possidini

“The Dance is a beautiful testimony of God at work even in the most difficult trials in our lives. Having a history of breast cancer Mom, myself, and my Aunt (my mom’s sister.) it reminds me were not alone. It also reminds me God is still working miracles. I could not put this book down and will definitely recommend this as a must read.”

Laura Coleman

“Joan’s is a remarkable story of strength, courage and love. Her faith in Our Lord through her incredibly difficult journey is truly inspiring and has helped to deepen my own faith. This book is a “must read”!”

Carole R.

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