“Joan is a remarkable story of strength, courage and love.”  See More below …



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“The most powerful story on faith I ever read.”

I read this book in a day I could not put it down. It was so inspiring I felt like I knew Joan and Carl by the way it was written. I love the transparency of everything. This gives people such a clear vision of truly miracles do happen, and Faith and support and positive attitude help the process. No matter the challenge we face it’s all about Faith Love and survival ♥️

Debi Possidini

… first book I’ve ever read that made me cry! 

“I’m in a unique position to offer a review of this wonderful book- When I first met Joan, I knew nothing of her, her story or even that this book was being written. We met at a sailing meet in Illinois in July of 2014 where I found myself helping her steer a mutual friend’s sailboat and I instantly noticed 3 things: Her warm personality, her killer sense of humor and an undeniable sense of inner strength about her, a strength that can only be achieved by winning long and difficult battles. If you read only a few books this year, “The Dance” should be among them. But be forewarned: you will not just be reading a story. You will b be taken along with her and her family on this journey; you will experience the defeats and the victories. You will sit with her and Carl in the hospital room as they hear news, both good and bad. You will be in their home together with them. You will laugh and, yes you will cry. I’m a male and I cry at movies but this is the first book I’ve ever read that made me cry! You will find yourself not merely observing a story, you will become part of it! In short, you will be a changed person after reading this book and you’ll receive a fresh perspective on what’s really important in life.  Robert E.

“What an inspection Joan’s book is! She tells about her biggest struggle in life and how she never gave up on her faith! Very rewarding … thanks for sharing your life with us”.  Karen Mansfield

 “The Dance is a beautiful testimony of God at work even in the most difficult trials in our lives. Having a history of breast cancer Mom, myself, and my Aunt (my mom’s sister.) it reminds me were not alone. It also reminds me God is still working miracles. I could not put this book down and will definitely recommend this as a must read.”  Laura Coleman


“Joan’s is a remarkable story of strength, courage and love. Her faith in Our Lord through her incredibly difficult journey is truly inspiring and has helped to deepen my own faith. This book is a “must read”!” Carole R.

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