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“Allow yourself to be an instrument in The Lord’s plan! Open yourselves to Him and follow those gut feelings – it’s truly the Holy Spirit guiding you.

“I firmly believe we are all purely conduits of His love and Mercy – and it’s up to us to do our part to fulfill this Holy objective. The Lord puts you in other’s lives to help them in their struggles, and likewise, He places certain people in yours.”

“Sometimes the disappointments we experience in life are simply Gods way of saying, “Have faith, trust in me, and move on. I have something even better in mind for you anyway.”

“Five years since the publication of The Dance – A Story of Love, Faith, and Survival, the author recreates her powerful and moving memories. Experience a delightful compilation of these short stories with in.

As these inspirational tales unfold, you’ll discover without a shadow of a doubt, that we are all placed in one another’s path to fulfill a specific destiny. Witness that words and actions deeply impact one another, as we are always and forever creating ripples.”

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